Lining maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance of lining

(1)when the furnace wall appears longitudinal cracks,should take a slow way to heat up,so that after the crack to smooth the smelting.

(2)When the furnace wall appears transverse cracks,according to the actual situation can be filled in the transverse cracks in the powder refractory material,and then feeding melting.

(3)when the bottom of the furnace is eroded,the furnace lining can be used to repair,and after the repair with iron plate cover,plus metal furnace low-power melting after a period of time and then full power melting.

(4)the maintenance and maintenance of the lining is generally carried out in the case of cold stoves,the furnace should be used natural cooling or water cooling system cooling,does not allow water to cool.

(5)after the end of smelting out of the net iron liquid,in order to prevent cracks in the furnace wall,should be placed in the mouth of the asbestos board insulation.

(6)such as a long time to stop the furnace,in the next opening to slow down the melting,so that the small cracks in the lining to self-bridging.