Brief introduction to the technology of producing rock wool with steel slag electric furnace

Comprehensive introduction of hot slag technology

Steel slag and blast furnace slag are the solid metallurgical slag with the largest emissions in the iron and steel industry. At present, the water slag treatment technology has been mature, and steel slag treatment has always been a problem in the industry. Up to now, the accumulated storage of steel slag in China is 1.1 billion tons. Due to technology, recycling concept and other reasons, the comprehensive utilization rate of metallurgical slag in China is only 50%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of steel slag solid waste is only 10%. The steel slag after the earliest smelting is thrown away as a river filling pit. Now some are broken into small pieces and sold as dry slag at a price of tens of yuan (other raw materials are added to the broken dry slag to produce rock (mineral) wool, and some are used as water slag and slag powder. Its value is very low. Strictly speaking, they are not really used. In order to extend the circular industrial chain of iron and steel enterprises, enhance the added value of waste slag and accelerate the industrial upgrading, all enterprises are actively exploring new processes for the high value utilization of steel slag. After years of technical improvement and R&D, the hot slag recycling technology is now mature and can be used to directly produce high-quality insulation materials. It will bring a new turn for the iron and steel enterprises in the industry of recycling. The profit rate of the secondary industry can be increased by more than ten times, and the effective co production of steel products and leftovers can be realized. The new hot slag technology leads the cold charging process in comprehensive energy, environmental protection, land occupation, investment and many other aspects; The production of slag wool by slag hot melting can reduce energy consumption, reduce raw material, power, manpower, depreciation and other costs, and improve the economic benefits of steel enterprises.

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