Sintering temperature adjustment method

Sintering temperature adjustment method on the sintering temperature adjustment simply to lift the temperature of each temperature zone,but the key is to adjust the choice of temperature zone,the choice of lifting and lifting range of choice,the following based on my experience on the sintering temperature Adjust the view,hoping to play a role.

one.Adjust the sintering temperature of the choice of time we need to adjust the sintering temperature when the battery is the electrical properties and appearance of abnormal time,so I first have to do is to test the results of observation and analysis.In fact,we mainly observe the FF changes,FF is good or bad to a certain extent,reflects the ohmic contact is good or bad,if the fill factor is not ideal at this time,look at the series resistance,parallel resistance and reverse current situation,if these Value is not ideal,then there may be sintering temperature adjustment is not in place,then we can consider adjusting the sintering temperature to improve the electrical performance of the battery.

Two Sintering temperature of the choice of temperature Our sintering furnace is divided into nine areas,the first three areas are drying area,the main completion of the evaporation of organic ingredients in the slurry,the latter six districts to complete the back and front of the sintering,Mainly aluminum pulp to the transformation of aluminum and silicon aluminum alloy formation,it can be said that the formation of silicon and aluminum ohmic contact,the positive is the silver to silver metal and the formation of silver-silicon alloy,the key to our sintering is silver Of the ohmic contact,because the higher the work function of silver,and aluminum,it is more difficult and silicon to form ohm contact,so when we choose the temperature zone,if there arch,aluminum beads and drum package problems,you can choose to reduce the first 8 Area and zone 9 temperature,combined with the temperature of the 4,5 and 6 zones,if only the electrical properties of the anomaly,the main choice to adjust the 8 and 9 zone temperature,7 zone temperature with the regulation.

three.Sintering temperature of the choice of sintering temperature adjustment of the most critical,the most difficult to grasp is the choice of lifting,the temperature when it can not cool,when the temperature when cooling need some experience and skills,the two should be combined,so as to more Good grasp of the temperature regulation,how to judge the temperature or cooling mainly based on the test results.Sintering is not burned and burned the argument,each batch of film has a best sintering point,when the temperature exceeds or below the best sintering point of the temperature when the film is not to meet our ideal sintering requirements,When the ohmic contact is not fully formed,the series resistance will be too large,the filling factor is low,when the silver-silicon alloy consumption too much silver metal,silver silicon alloy layer is equivalent to the isolation layer,to prevent the carrier output,Will also increase the contact resistance,reduce the fill factor.Because the similar performance of undercurrent and overgrowth is the series resistance is too large,the fill factor is low,if only based on this performance we can not decide when the temperature is also warming,this time the best way to refer to the parallel resistance and reverse Current,because in the burning will lead to more impurities into the vicinity of the pn junction,increasing the probability of local leakage,so that the parallel resistance will be too small,reverse current is too large,but this is not absolute,because when the silver Pulp contamination and edge etching is also likely to occur when this situation,in fact,this time you can also refer to the short-circuit current,the temperature is too high when the probability of complex and larger,short-circuit current will be smaller,which can also be used as the regulation of temperature A reference point.When the parallel resistance and reverse current are normal,may not be able to make a decision on the rise and fall,then we can do a search,has been cooling,down to the electrical performance has changed significantly so that we can know the temperature adjustment roughly Direction,you can also complete the adjustment process.In the process of adjusting the temperature,we may also encounter this situation,many times to adjust the temperature,a significant change in temperature,but no significant changes in electrical performance,then look at the open circuit voltage,if the open circuit voltage If the two lines at the same time the same type of film production,you can do a comparative test to verify whether the test bench problems,to ensure that the test bench under normal circumstances,if the regulation of the test bench,Invalid,it is not the problem of sintering.In fact,we have to do before the sintering temperature adjustment to do one thing is to see the sintering furnace of each heating lamp is not working under normal circumstances,the observation point is the temperature of the heating lamp output power percentage,if Found that the percentage is too large,or fluctuating up and down,then let the equipment staff to check the state of heating the lamp.

4.sintering temperature adjustment related to the abnormal situation of dealing 1.bow arch has become the main quality of the recent period of time,a common phenomenon is the overall thinning of the film,when the arch,the most efficient most obvious effect or Reduce the temperature of the sintering area,which may cause the film to produce a little less stress,and then go to find other fundamental reasons,it is possible when the film is too thin or too much aluminum foil printing,for the adjustment of temperature,the first is 8 and 9 zone temperature to a minimum,lower temperature is to ensure that the bottom line is to ensure that the filling factor,that is,the efficiency of the normal,not only to eliminate the arch and ignore the efficiency,when the 8 and 9 area temperature to a minimum,If the arch phenomenon has not yet eliminated,you can adjust the temperature of 4,5 and 6 areas,and sometimes,such regulation can not fully guarantee the elimination of the bow,we do is to minimize the seriousness of the arch.2.Aluminum beads and drum phenomenon Aluminum beads are generally sintered area temperature is too high there,this is our actual production rarely encountered in the situation,when we are the second sintering of the film,the aluminum beads will basically appear,when a Sintering occurs when the aluminum beads,this time there have been suspected of burning,and then directly reduce the temperature of the sintering area.Drum phenomenon often appear when the appearance of the phenomenon,this phenomenon can basically be adjusted by adjusting the temperature of the sintering area to solve,in addition to the reasons for the slurry itself,from the sintering point of view to adjust the drum,then the first or the sintering area The temperature is reduced to the lowest,but also to ensure that ohmic contact,that is,to ensure the efficiency of the normal,and then to adjust the temperature of the drying zone,personally think that the largest possible drum package is too high sintering temperature makes silicon aluminum alloy break through the aluminum oxide,The second is the film in the drying area when the slurry is not sufficient evaporation or volatile too fast.In fact,there are other reasons for the relationship between the drum package,the above is only from the perspective of adjusting the sintering temperature to talk about this issue.

Fives.The effect of the sintering furnace abnormality on the sintering is different for each sintering furnace,and the temperature of the 8 and 9 zones of the sintering furnace sometimes fluctuates in a wide range.For continuous production Is absolutely not allowed in the actual production will occasionally fill the case of low factors,when the film for the second rehearsal,the filling factor back to normal,also said that in a sintering,these films Undercooled,why is there such a situation that?Personally think that this is a great relationship with the stability of the equipment,for a sintering furnace temperature zone,because the sintering furnace cavity and the outside world will lead to the exchange of air temperature,then heating the lamp Will increase the percentage of power output to maintain the set temperature,but if the temperature from the cavity down to the heating lamp to increase the percentage of power output is too long,and the film happens to pass through the sintering zone during this reaction time,then the film There may be insufficient sintering,which is why we require the temperature of the sintering furnace must be stable.When we adjust the temperature,to recognize the difference between each sintering furnace,each sintering furnace set temperature and the actual sintering temperature difference is different,but also includes the adjustment of the amplitude is different,sintering should adhere to a The most basic principle is to try to finish the sintering at the lowest temperature,because the high temperature will affect the life of the heating lamp,but also increase the chance of burning.