Application of intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting inverter

Application to standard motor: 
When the transducer drives a standard motor and by comparison with commercial power, the loss will be on the increase. When operating in low speed, the cooling effect of motor becomes less satisfactory and the motor’s temperature will increase. Therefore, when operating in low speed, it is necessary to reduce the load torque of the motor. When 100% continuous operation in low speed is necessary, employment of special variable frequency motor shall be taken into consideration. 
Application to special motor: 
Because the rated current of special motor is different from that of a standard motor, the transducer shall be chosen after confirming the maximum current of motor. 
When applied to pole-changing motor, pole changing switch shall be carried out after the motor has stopped. If the pole is changed during operation, overvoltage or overcurrent protection circuit will be triggered. Therefore, the motor’s self-operation will stop. When applied to submersible motor and if the wiring distance between the motor and the transducer is too long, the motor’s torque will reduce. For this reason, cable of enough thickness must be used. When applied to pressure-proof explosion-proof motor and because most of the transducers adopt the structure not resistant to explosion, please install the transducer to a non-explosion-proof area. When applied to motor of vibrating equipment and when choosing a transducer, make sure the full-load current is smaller than the rated current of the transducer.